Review: Randal Schwartz On Learning Perl

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Cover Image For Learning PerlThis is a recording of a class that was offered by Randal Schwartz that covers basically the same material on how to program with Perl that you would get from studying his bestselling book.

“Learning Perl” is such an iconic book for its topic that it’s often simply called “The Camel Book” in reference to the picture of a camel on its cover. Short of Larry Wall himself, the creator of Perl, there’s hardly anyone who’s better suited to teaching a course of this type.

As a teacher, Randal Schwartz is the sort of man who obviously both knows his subject deeply and knows that he’ll sometimes need to start out with the basic and incomplete version of an explanation to avoid overwhelming his students. Where some people would want to throw around as much detail as possible to prove how smart they are, he’s stays with the necessities.

This video is a great place to start for learning how to program in Perl, though it’s not a replacement for resources like the Learning Perl book itself if you want to pursue the language beyond the basics because he omits some of the more detailed explanations that the book offers as footnotes. I was allowed to watch these videos as part of the blogger review program, and I would particularly recommend them as an excellent companion to study of the book. A sample section from the class is available at the O’Reilly web site for the Learning Perl videos.

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